VeDaKR – Zakaj Se To Vrti

Catalogue number: HAZE240 | Artist: VeDaKR | Date: 11/10/2013

VeDaKR - Zakaj Se To Vrti

“Zakaj Se To Vrti” is an album of tape recordings and noises composed in 2012 and 2013. It Was created in Pred Osle in Slovenia. VeDaKR is a tape recorder and noise producer from the fictional place of Pred Osle, somewhere in Europe.


  1. Belca [02:40]
  2. Brez Vira [05:07]
  3. Walkman Šteka [05:32]
  4. Zakaj Se To Vrti [03:51]
  5. VeDaKR V MKC [03:59]

Artwork by Stojan Knežević

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