Roomdark – Frothiness

Catalogue number: [HAZE239] | Artist: Roomdark | Date: 08/10/2013

Roomdark - Frothiness

Are you ready to walk in the Roomdark’s footsteps on the lakeside?


  1. Ein Landarzt (Dedication to Franz Kafka) [02:40]
  2. Red Star. Winter Orbit (Dedication to William Gibson) [05:07]
  3. VB For Mr. H (Dedication to Ernest Hemingway) [05:32]
  4. Antubis (Dedication to Stephen King) [03:51]
  5. Pull My Daisy (Dedication to Jack Kerouac) [03:59]
  6. The Disintegration Machine (Dedication to Arthur Conan Doyle) [04:05]
  7. Watt (Dedication to Samuel Beckett) [07:06]
  8. Radio Interception (Dedication to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) [03:01]
  9. The Dead (Dedication to James Joyce) [04:25]
  10. Alguien Andra Por Ahi (Dedication to Julio Cortazar) [04:28]
  11. La Mort Naturelle – La Mort Heureuse (Dedication to Albert Camus) [07:32]
  12. Ouse (Dedication to Virginia Woolf) [05:17]

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