Faustino Goyena – De Neatins

Catalogue number: [HAZE077] | Artist: Faustino Goyena | Date: 11/09/2009


  1. Welter Junior
  2. Tunuyбn
  3. Nationalen Kronen
  4. Kombлtare
  5. Eso Durу Luis Garcнa
  6. Adolph Pruitt boxejador
  7. Fetele ud
  8. Las Heras

Faustino Goyena is the artistic denomination of both Nicolas L. Gago and his noise project, created in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2005. It has released a number of LPs and collaborative albums, both independently and by European netlabels. Goyena describes himself as “a third-world noiser with a DIY musician attitude”. As of 2009, a number of so-called “Guerrilla presentations” are being made, despite the absence of live performances in his early career.

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