[SM]ORCHESTRA – The Violence Place

Catalogue number: [HAZE067] | Artist: [SM]ORCHESTRA | Date: 21/08/2009


  1. The pain prologue
  2. The violence place
  3. It is in expectation
  4. My gentle murderer
  5. Violence through mouth
  6. The delight manifestation

In the given work children’s fears and a pain of loneliness are displayed. Sexual violence and psychological pressure. The author spends the listener from an easy hint on approach hurt, up to peak, painful crescendo! Gradually the theme of a sound landscape is replaced by a certain immersing in an easy trance, the victim of violence as though restrains to the certificate and even, to the shame, starts to realize, that tests pleasure from a caused pain. The tyrant more is not represented to it a monster, and becomes mister, almost the god giving pleasure. A place of violence Is an attempt to rethink the Asian statement that any thing, reaching the limit, flows in the contrast. In this case, the pain is replaced by pleasure.
* I express gratitude to the leader of the project [N.K.72] , for the help in creation of a cover and data of a material.
Satoshi Mikuro

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