The Fucked Up Beat release Roswell Radio Cult

Catalogue number: | Artist: The Fucked Up Beat | Date: 29/06/2013

Via HAZE label, hyper-literate and prolific pan-continental experimental found sound collective, The Fucked Up Beat released their latest sonic document, Roswell Radio Cult. The album is a panacea for the caffeine fueled rat race proletariat. The songs are comprised of melodies supplied by multi-instrumentalist Eddie Palmer of New York, NY with found sounds and beats by drummer/writer Brett Zehner of San Diego, CA.

These Anti-fascist hymnals are ideal for undergarment removal after a PBR drenched, DMT tinted evening or as soundtrack to the window smashing, corporate bank looting riot enthusiasm of hard-line anarcho-punks. Also RIYL listening to music while scanning Russian dash camera crashes. Ballard would be proud.

Incidentally, my partner and I enjoyed listening to this album during our dinner party where we entertained several guests, served locally sourced halibut and soyrizo stew, chilled Malbec while passing our Iolite around the table.

A Coat of Red Paint In Hell


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