This Was Not The Album I Thought It Was

Catalogue number: | Artist: Kritchev vs. Ban | Date: 29/04/2013

A few days ago, I wrote about the importance of album covers in netlabel releases.  Kritchev vs. Ban’s Working Title is not one of these. The cover is very 1980s fanzine, but given that this was another release from the ever interesting Belarusian netlabel Haze, I was going to be listening to it. Oh, and another quick note, this is not a split album, Kritchev vs. Ban is the name of the duo who pride themselves in being non musicians, “No Music No Instruments”.

Working Title is a big album in many ways, least of all it’s 80+ minutes of music, as Kritchev vs. Ban make us rethink what is acceptable. The artists push the listener’s tolerance by looping samples endlessly which successfully turn the tracks into an almost meditative exercise in noise and experimentation. Piecing together sounds from various sources as well as their own creations of noise, Working Title is not a collage album, it is more the destruction of collage music.

Acts of Silence


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