Bloqueos / APF – Lawlz² Split

Catalogue number: [HAZE238] | Artist: Bloqueos, APF | Date: 25/09/2013

About Bloqueos:
Bloqueos has no expectations, no objectives, no goals. Started out as a live project in 2010, and started recording (at home) in 2013. The only interesting thing for Bloqueos is the music, and for the music to be heard by someone. Bloqueos creates sounds in order for people to enjoy them, it’s not like Bloqueos first had the goal of ‘shocking people and/or society’, or to ‘subvert the rules of music’, etc, and then ended up making these sounds; it’s just really the sounds and music Bloqueos enjoys listening and creating. But if the music provokes disgust, hatred and backlash, the reaction is completely valid for Bloqueos, even intentionally pursued just as much as it is a search for pleasure. Finally, Bloqueos doesn’t do this to be ironic in any way or form, its serious music, not in the sense of giving it ‘importance’, but in the sense of its absolute lack of it.

About APF:
After running up a standar rock music career as a drummer for 15 years, Rolando Lopez starts what he calls “an imposible indie project” in Costa Rica: APF. Meaning “impossible” as a way to describe a one man band with no limitations or norms and merely inspired by artists such as Merzbow, Thee Oh Sees, Beatles & Youth Lagoon, among few others. A project able to release a psicodelic-ambient-experimental album one day, a post rock album another day & whatever the author feels like releasing, if it fits on the band?s concept & desire at the moment.
APF is a project based on whatever genres there are except from the ones that make music making boring, including on his top preferred list: post rock, ambient, psicodelic, lo-fi, noise, acoustic, gloom and a personal mix of derivates into the rock world, after shortly running an industrial band called Mephisto Project in 2006, where the idea of making a free will collage of influences in 2012 comes in the first place.
APF wants it?s way out on diferent countries but Costa Rica, specially Europe, where is hope to be long distributed. The flag says: “Fuck norms, let’s unfuck the music and let’s put it out for a little run.”


  1. Bloqueos – Odio A Mis Amigos [15:51]
  2. APF – Amo A Mis Enemigos [05:15]

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