SiJ & RMSS Systems Inc. – Incorporated Ambit of Lifeless Space

Catalogue number: [HAZE233] | Artist: SiJ, RMSS Systems Inc. | Date: 30/08/2013

Tracks 1, 6, 9 written by SiJ & RMSS Systems Inc.
Track 2 written by Morbid Silence & RMSS Systems Inc. Cutted version by SiJ.
Tracks 4, 7 written by RMSS Systems Inc. Cutted version track 7 by RMSS Systems Inc.
Tracks 3, 5, 8 written by SiJ.

Track 1 appeared on the competition “GENERATION.torrent-2013”

Track 2 appeared on the EP “RMSS Systems Inc. – Dark Sine Delusion” published on Ephedrina

Track 6 appeared on the compilation “Infraschall Vol.4” published on Dark System

All tracks were recorded at October 2011 – February 2013.

All tracks mastered by RMSS Systems Inc.

Artwork design by Bela Lugosi

Original snapshots by ESA/Hubble:

“Iridescent Glory of Nearby Planetary Nebula Showcased on Astronomy Day”
NASA, NOAO, ESA, the Hubble Helix Nebula Team, M. Meixner (STScI), and T.A. Rector (NRAO).

“Abell 2218”
NASA, ESA, and Johan Richard (Caltech, USA)

“Magnetic monster NGC 1275”
NASA, ESA and Andy Fabian (University of Cambridge, UK)

“Using Hubble to chart the future motions of stars within a cluster”
NASA, ESA, J. Anderson and R. van der Marel (STScI)

“Hubble spies tiny galaxies aglow with star birth”
NASA, ESA, A. van der Wel (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy), H. Ferguson and A. Koekemoer (Space Telescope Science Institute), and the CANDELS team


  1. SiJ & RMSS Systems Inc. – Go To Dreamside [06:00]
  2. RMSS Systems Inc. – Nihil III feat. Morbid Silence [Cutted Version] [02:51]
  3. SiJ – Kir-Pitch [04:12]
  4. RMSS Systems Inc. – Zoviet Lounge [03:36]
  5. SiJ – Solar Stone [04:20]
  6. SiJ & RMSS Systems Inc. – Sloughing Earth Gristle [05:06]
  7. RMSS Systems Inc. – Postgraduate Diagnosis [Cutted Version] [01:30]
  8. SiJ – In The Twinkling Of Solaris [03:45]
  9. SiJ & RMSS Systems Inc. – Constellation Of Hunting Dogs [09:06]

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