Aortha – Chronotope

Catalogue number: [HAZE232] | Artist: Aortha | Date: 27/08/2013

The literature for me is bums on the road. When you walk in the marmalade fog and meet Mr. Godot in the end. When you run away from Langoliers, jump into the silent abyss and find a Vincenzo Bernardelli. Bang! And then just silent madness, if was in the heat of an angry somewhere in the Latin America.
It is only literature – fictional world, a world that forces us to abandon reality and to travel without any boundaries.

Extracts from Sound Interpretations series.
Aortha is a sound project of Dzmitry Ladzes from Belarus. In his sound experiments Dzmitry use only the field recording material. Choir of the crowd, symphony of the urban transport and sighs of the wind – his main methods.


  1. Satori (Dedication To Jack Kerouac) [02:09]
  2. Krapp (Dedication to Samuel Beckett) [02:59]
  3. Here Comes Everybody (Dedication To James Joyce) [02:22]
  4. Roadwork (Dedication To Stephen King) [07:12]
  5. The Game (Dedication To Julio Cortazar) [02:32]
  6. Dream About Loneliness (Dedication To Franz Kafka) [16:47]
  7. Vincenzo Bernardelli (Dedication To Ernest Hemingway) [04:54]
  8. Orlando (Dedication To Virginia Woolf) [03:52]
  9. Pilot (Dedication to Antoine de Saint-Exupery) [04:24]
  10. Maracot (Dedication To Arthur Conan Doyle) [04:03]

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