Mister Bare Uncle Feces and Hinyouki – Ivan Groznyii

Catalogue number: [HAZE224] | Artist: Mister Bare Uncle Feces, Hinyouki | Date: 27/06/2013

Mister Bare Uncle Feces
Experimental, soundscapes, noise, power electronics, ambient project from Belgium.

Abstract Noise duo from Spain. Hinyouki is a Japanese common term that means “urinary organs”. Influenced by Merzbow, Maurizio Bianchi, MK2 or Death Squad, Hinyouki create a mixture of Abstract and Harsh Noise, working with concepts such as goldenshowers, pee perversions and watersports.


  1. Hinyouki Remix Of MBUF [08:16]
  2. MBUF Remix Of Hinyouki [02:21]
  3. MBUF Remix Of Hinyouki [02:27]
  4. Hinyouki Remix Of MBUF [04:59]
  5. MBUF Remix Of Hinyouki [02:56]
  6. MBUF Remix Of Hinyouki [04:34]
  7. Hinyouki Remix Of MBUF [02:45]
  8. MBUF Remix Of Hinyouki [03:57]
  9. Hinyouki Remix Of MBUF [04:08]
  10. MBUF Remix Of Hinyouki [04:41]
  11. Hinyouki Remix Of MBUF [03:41]
  12. MBUF Remix Of Hinyouki [06:20]
  13. Hinyouki Remix Of MBUF [03:41]
  14. MBUF Remix Of Hinyouki [03:02]
  15. MBUF Remix Of Hinyouki [03:30]
  16. Hinyouki Remix Of MBUF [03:24]

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