Diabolical Device – Unprepared Non-Music

Catalogue number: [HAZE217] | Artist: Diabolical Device | Date: 04/06/2013

Diabolical Device is the improvised rhythmic noise project of David Prescott-Steed, a sound artist, field recordist, and writer living in Melbourne, Australia. His explorations of complex sonic textures, pulsing static and verbal indeterminacy are part of an urban ritual practice. The intention of this practice is to overstimulate the auditory synapses, to encourage changes in the brain’s electrical oscillations that are associated with hypnagogic states.


  1. Part 1 [02:41]
  2. Part 2 [06:50]
  3. Part 3 [03:58]
  4. Part 4 [00:51]
  5. Part 5 [00:37]
  6. Part 6 [04:51]

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