Delta-Sleep-Inducing Pertide – Tread

Catalogue number: [HAZE216] | Artist: Delta-Sleep-Inducing Pertide | Date: 01/06/2013

DELTA-SLEEP-INDUCING PEPTIDE (DSIP) was founded in 1989 by Dieter Mauson + Siegmar Fricke and exclusively concentrates on the realisation of experimental + subtle soundtracks which can be described as mind-cinema of the subconscious. The stages of sleep + phenomena of dreams are musically explored in an idiosyncratic sound-approach. TREAD is the second album-production after DSIP’s reformation in 2013 and contains nine spontaneous electronic recordings in a very direct and personal concept with lots of internal sound-processings + modulations. The highly varied album with tracks ranging from narcotic ambient via rhythmic sculpturing to bizarre electronic treatments marks a strong new path in DSIP’s experimental and incomparable approach.
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  1. Inital Tune [00:47]
  2. Alerted Slumber [09:44]
  3. Bitcrushed Caravan [05:52]
  4. Silur [08:27]
  5. Icerays [04:04]
  6. Paralytic Motion [06:15]
  7. Full Rise [04:34]
  8. Hydrophone [03:59]
  9. Cosmic Shore [06:23]

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