Vlad Makarov & Ilia Belorukov – Antitheses

Catalogue number: [HAZE029] | Artist: Vlad Makarov, Ilia Belorukov | Date: 10/06/2008

Vlad Makarov & Ilia Belorukov - Antitheses


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The title I’ve chosen for the project ANTITHESES is an allusion, easy or hard, at the discretion of the preconceived potential listener, to eternal questions of New music to the conventional music.
Antitheses are not the ever ready answers, but the attempt to declare something especial, important. They are devoid of mockery of postmodernist discourse, they pretend to the serious position and to the determination of game rules.
Expressionism inherent in antitheses is natural for there is no need to ask questions in essence without sincerity and excitement.
My “prickly” violoncello gets on well with no less “prickly” saxophone of Ilya Belorukov. Though there are no revelations, for the improve ground is already too rammed for the last 20 years, but it’s the experience of teamwork that is important to us, representatives of different generations easily found a common language.
As a result we have obtained a quite tolerable product, fairly uncompromising, and even well spiced here and there by the traditions of free-jazz and new classics.
Vlad Makarov

Vladislav Makarov, a cellist from Smolensk who is a founder of free improvisation in Russia. As a musician he is into free improvised music aesthetics and has been developing his very own structured improvisation method lately. He has collaborated with a number of musicians from Russia and other countries: Sergey Kuryokhin, Sergey Letov, Valentina Ponomaryova, Sainkho Namtchylak, Yury Yaremchuk, Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky, Eduard Sivkov, Alexey Aygi, Alexey Borisov, “ZGA”, Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser, Greg Goodman, LaDonna Smith, Shelley Hirsch, Chris Cutler, Phil Minton, Tim Hodgkinson, Dror Feiler and “Lokomotiv Konkret”, Ryoji Hojito to name just a few.

Ilia Belorukov is a young saxophonist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He works in the direction of free improvisation, free-jazz, noise and electroacoustic music. Ilia practices an experimental approach of sound extraction on different types of saxophones (alto, tenor and baritone) and on flute (inc. fluteophone).
Ilia has played with such musicians as Vladislav Makarov, Nikolay Rubanov, Alexey Lapin, Philip Croaton.
Together with Dots & Lines group (trio with Roman Stolyar and Andrey Popovsky) he performed on the festival of Jazz.ru portal dedicated to it’s 10th anniversary. He’s also a member of Wozzeck, Totalitarian Musical Sect and Dadazu groups. He collaborates with musicians of other genres: with Moscow groups .crrust (post-hardcore), Motherfathers (noise-rock), Solntsetsvety (magical unicellular music) and with St.-Petersburg ethno-punks Nervenklinik and mathcore-band Penny Flame (from Samara).

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