Carlos Suarez, 23RedAnts, MDMME – Dipt

Catalogue number: [HAZE214] | Artist: Carlos Suarez, 23RedAnts, MDMME | Date: 30/05/2013

The track was recorded at alg-a lab, Vigo, Spain in 2012 and is a free improvisation for cello, electronics and objects.

Founded in april of 2012 by Macarena Montesinos (cello) and Niet F-n (electronics) during an artistic residence in the alg-a lab in Vigo, Spain.
Mainly based on free improvisation, the duo moves in different directions mixing noise, melody, glitch music, silences, field recordings, loops and irregular rhythms.
Since the beginning the duo is also working with other artists, both musicians and visual artists or performers.
All 23RedAnts releases are published under creative commons license, believing in free culture.

Carlos Suarez
Composer and ethnomusicologist. Spain/Venezuela 1966. Electroacoustic composer for the Conservatoire of Music Simón Bolívar of Caracas (electroacoustic). Ethnomusicologist in FUNDEF.
In 1986 he began to work as a composer, creating more than 50 acoustic and electroacoustic works. His research trips around Venezuela began in 1989. Mainly visiting areas of indigenous cultures and Afro-Venezuelans, he compiled studies and recordings of the music, acoustic biology and soundscapes. He has transcribed more than 36,000 bars of traditional music from all over the world. He worked as a researcher for “The Folklore and Ethnomusicology Foundation” and “The International Folklore and Ethnomusicology Foundation” for 10 years. In 2006 he won the National Award for Culture for his book, “Los chimbángueles de San Benito.” Also work do studing galician soundscape.

Ignacio Muñoz (extended piano + electronica) is intersted in investigation related with the sound, the public space and the territory. Active member of the audible experimental Iberian scene, forms part of the art and free action community ALG-A, of the Spontaneous Music Orchestra OMEGA and the pedagogic space EXPLORATORY ORCHESTRA, amongst other. With his personal project MDMME (Mechanical Digital Machine Manufactured for Exploration) he employs all types of recycled artefacts (toys, fans, coins, plastics, tubes) to enjoy the immense audible potential of the piano. His way to compose and improvise is inspired by algorithmic and random processes of the generative digital synthesis, tackled here by a poetic/no scientific point of view.


  1. Dipt [21:49]

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