[c.a.t.h.a.r.s.i.s] – The World In Different Perspective

Catalogue number: [HAZE212] | Artist: [c.a.t.h.a.r.s.i.s] | Date: 14/05/2013

Its our expressions of feelings thru music. All tracks were recorded by using an acoustic piano.
Plus, there’s no additional instrument during the recording & all are purely piano sound.
The backmasking technique that we used is one of our way to produce a distinguished sound.
Arts of backmasking is always mesmerized us & we used it as our music identity as well.


  1. Baader-Meinhof [03:23]
  2. Inception [02:41]
  3. Mind Conjecture [02:41]
  4. Reverse Emotion [02:12]

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