Anna Ambient – Eastern Lights & Hollow (EP)

Catalogue number: [HAZE208] | Artist: Anna Ambient | Date: 25/04/2013

An ambient, dronescape sounds that inspired by our daily lives. Our inspiration gained sometimes in the middle of the night & that is why tracks like ‘3 A.M.’ was recorded based on the mood & surroundings at that time.’An Evening In Shanghai’ was inspired during our travel to Shanghai last year while listening to the beautiful sounds of ‘erhu’. Take a moment listen to our songs as we brings you close to your memory & mind.


  1. Last Moment With Him [01:23]
  2. Contradiction [01:44]
  3. Augmented Dimension [02:15]
  4. An Evening In Shanghai [01:15]
  5. 3 A.M. [01:10]

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