Проволочный Человек, Kreazot-Maks, Dark Flow – Строить на песке

Catalogue number: [HAZE206] | Artist: Проволочный Человек, Kreazot-Maks, Dark Flow | Date: 21/04/2013

Kreazot-Maks combines such musical genres as dark ambient, noise, industrial. He prefers composing music only by himself but nevertheless there are some other projects with his partaking. He has composed more than 200 tracks including remixes on Marylin Manson, Nine Inch Nails and Orbital. In the year of 2010 the album called ‘Как Бороться С Плесенью В Подвале’ (How To Fight Mold In The Basement) was released. After this ‘ Smoke And Quiet’ (EP), ‘Erased Place’ (Tribute to Nine Inch Nails), ‘Endless Space’ (Split with Dark Flow)’ followed.
At the moment KM is a current member of two bands (A`eteros, Sublimaccia). In 2011 created his own side-project called Слепки Сознания (Casts Of Consciousness).

Industrial noise project Проволочный Человек appeared in Minsk, 2012. Digital version of the debut album ‘Octbr’ can be available in the Internet for free. The limited edition of the very same album was released on For Letter label. Vlad Avramenko is the founder and the only member of the project. The musician is interested in noise, industrial and dark ambient stuff.

Dark Flow – russian project which draw inspiration from experimental genres, such as dark ambient, drone and industrial.
Music of Dark Flow is mostly minimalistic and pictures different phenomena reflected in the human mind.


  1. Проволочный Человек – Посторонний [05:29]
  2. Проволочный Человек – Мерсо [03:04]
  3. Проволочный Человек – Выход [02:43]
  4. Kreazot-Maks – From The Inside [16:03]
  5. Kreazot-Maks – In The Endless Night [16:06]
  6. Dark Flow – Cult [08:01]
  7. Dark Flow – Rails To Nowhere [10:09]

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