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Catalogue number: [HAZE200] | Artist: Matthew Barlow | Date: 18/03/2013

i am the fluorescent light which shines in the emptiness of your being. i create desire. i promise fulfillment. i provide purpose. i am want. with me, you will be more happy, attractive, popular, successful, & powerful. consume. product.

All sounds created from several processed field recordings taken at a local grocery store. The entire piece was an improvisational performance, recorded in one take. Minimal editing in post.

Photographs generously provided by richard auxillo (los angles, ca) – created exclusively for this release.

Guitarist & sound artist, Matthew Barlow is an explorer of sound. His compositions focus on arrangements of texture, tone, and spacial atmospheres of sonic landscapes crafted from processed samples recorded in the city, along the trail, and at home. He resides in the beautiful mountain town of Asheville, NC with his wife and their pug, Taco.

Best enjoyed with headphones.

Also available as a Limited Edition c30 Cassette from


  1. Part I [15:00]
  2. Part II [15:19]

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