Sonvol – Troubled Days

Catalogue number: [HAZE195] | Artist: Sonvol | Date: 23/02/2013

Sonvol as a project started in 2007. All the noise was created on a home computer, maybe with dictaphone for a source of noise, boombox. But manipulated on a home computer. All the tracks were created by coincidence. The creation of the noise wasn’t intentional. When something went wrong when creating, recording some other stuff, I recorded the noise and then put it into this EP. I was influenced by guitar noise, my primary influence were Sonic Youth. I think music making is a privilege, if noise is music, making noise is a privilege. And releasing it too. So music should always be free to download and listen. Music industry is sick.


  1. It’s Impossible To Remember [00:21]
  2. Don’t Know How To Use Reason [01:55]
  3. No Source Error [01:48]
  4. Field Trip To The Toilet [00:49]
  5. Raw Bite [02:10]
  6. Anna [03:02]
  7. (26) [00:26]
  9. When Things Are Not Working [00:30]
  10. Those Dribbly Things [01:00]
  11. Space Egg [02:44]
  12. Everything Zen [02:13]
  13. End Part 1 [00:30]
  14. End Part 2 [00:30]
  15. End Part 3 [00:30]

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