The Plastic Heart Pendulum Quartet – The Plastic Heart Pendulum Quartet

Catalogue number: [HAZE192] | Artist: The Plastic Heart Pendulum Quartet | Date: 10/02/2013

“The plastic heart pendulum quartet” is the virtual meeting of four strong personalities, Paul Mimlitsch (USA), Frank Wilke (Germany), Vasco Morais (Portugal) Andre D. (France).
Their sounds’ mixture is intriguing and charming as a chimera’s apparition and despite the distance they succeed in creating a subtle and deep interplay.
At some points, their musical conversations remind us Lewis Caroll and his Alice’s hallucinatory story or the incongruity of a Kafka’s world.
But this album is definitelty an invitation to a dreamlike journey.
So take a comfortable seat, open your ears and let yourself be enchanted by their quirky vision of Wonderland.

Paul Mimlitsch – bass clarinet
Frank Wilke – trumpet, trombone
Andre D. – bass
vasco Ribeiro Morais – percussions, keyboard
recorded in USA, Germany, Portugal & France during the last months of 2012.
Artwork – the Glint (

Paul Mimlitsch
Approach: to enter into the creative process without intent: action/ reaction/ interaction. Painting with sound.

Frank Wilke
His first musical preferences in the mid sixties of the last century were acquired on parental turntable player sitting cross-legged. Even here, there was a strong interest in wind music. After a classical education on tenor saxophone in the 1990′ years and a prolonged musical dormancy departure from the saxophone occured and starting the self-taught trumpet playing was about time in 2005, later adding the trombone and french horn, with an emphasis on free jazz. Within this context his music is supported by a spontaneously designed compositional framework with an emphasis on formal details.

Andre D.
Musician without borders, self-taught, motivated by atonal and improvised musics, he mixed the sound experiments both in groups and solo since the end of the 90s. In 2011, he create “Darius Improvise” to produce & play free-form music (free-jazz, experimental, electro-acoustic, noise, improv…), until now and meanwhile his new projects, several albums were published by European, Australian and Canadian netlabel. Active member of the network souncloud, he experiments in association with musicians of whole worlds the musical creation possibilities offered by the exchange of digital files.

Vasco Ribeiro Morais
Born in Lisboa, Portugal. Self-taught drummer. About the rest, music says more than words…


  1. Plastic Heart Pendulum [07:37]
  2. The Myth [06:09]
  3. Lost in a dream [08:57]

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