Julio Gutierrez – Greating Forms And Shapes

Catalogue number: [HAZE187] | Artist: Julio Gutierrez | Date: 28/01/2013

Julio Gutierrez was born in Barcelona in 1981, started to make some electronic music around the 2005, after to run the world DJ in 2002 on clubs in his city, his first releases was published in a some small labels on the net from Barcelona, his debut show was in NIU (Barcelona).
The first album by the hand of Luscinia Discos called “We are small particles of a future” with melodics tracks near of indietronik style as “Cremadelic”. Than late born the Cremadelic Band, with other musicians from Spain to, in this time the band recorded differents albums, first they began with an e.p. called “Luscinia with love” in the same label, after than they up to the electronic music scene worldwide on Progrezo Records, they sign “The Magics” an album on Julio started to sing and Fran to take the piano, electroacoustics techno songs full this work, had very good critical around the world, after they sign to in Progrezo “I don’t know” the maturity of the band.
Now Julio in single keep working.
Julio Gutierrez on Soundcloud.


  1. Maya Beside Me [02:16]
  2. I’m Fallin In Heaven [03:41]
  3. Sweet Rocker Girl [03:18]
  4. When Nobody It’s Here [03:52]

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