Planet N – Conversation

Catalogue number: [HAZE182] | Artist: Planet N | Date: 22/12/2012

Project Planet N / Stereo N was created for investigating of stay of extraterrestrial essences on a planet Earth by means of music. Including, and to let to people know, how hardly is for newcomers from other planets among an another’s civilization as it is sad and their stay among people is lonely. Musically the project is the successor of group Stereonoize gallery. Stylistically sphere of creative activity it is possible to outline as IDM with impregnations electro-industrial and E.B.M.
Photo by Alena ‘Eva’ Romanova.
Design by Victor Jouk.


  1. pt.1 [06:51]
  2. pt.2 [05:29]
  3. pt.3 [08:34]

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