Clash of Weapons – Kireina Hana

Catalogue number: [HAZE174] | Artist: Clash of Weapons | Date: 26/11/2012

Clash of Weapons is a avant-garde experimental group founded in the U.S. late 2009.
Exploring themes featuring social issues of modern society and the after life.
Facing life through music, film, art & poetry books.

1 Kuutai, the Buddhist term “all things are void”, is the intro to Kireina hana and sets the tone for the CD.
2 Kireina hana, is the alternative version of the poem by Clash of Weapons member S.G. Renee, Pretty Flowers.
3 Omoide, dedicated in fond memory to fellow musician, Yu.
4 Kari no yo, embodies the fleeting world between this life and the other side.
5 Tsuya, vigil for the end, concluding the transition.


  1. Kuutai [00:45]
  2. Kireina Hana [03:02]
  3. Omoide [02:20]
  4. Kari No Yo [03:47]
  5. Tsuya [01:16]

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