December Nightskies – Leaving Earth To Live In Space

Catalogue number: [HAZE170] | Artist: December Nightskies | Date: 09/11/2012

this place isn’t my home i miss the times of old where did everything go i miss you i need you i love you i’m so sad those times are gone they flew away like feathers in the wind please come again my past isn’t too far away it’s still in reach never too far away my memories hopes and dreams my thoughts nostalgia and sadness the desire for happiness is gone because i have my memories the past is still in reach
love is emotional poison – from lost infinite time within the void
you have haunted my memories since that day i can’t forget or forgive you by giving me life then burning it away you’re like an uncurable disease giving me pain every moment i live love is an emotional poison that is slowly killing me
© Kendall Keeler


  1. Neptune [02:52]
  2. Echoes In Space [04:14]
  3. Sunlight Descending [04:38]
  4. Gravity [03:58]
  5. Shooting Stars [03:44]
  6. Leaving Earth To Live In Space I [03:16]
  7. Glistening In The Moonlight [05:36]
  8. The Birth And Death Of Planets [08:28]
  9. Leaving Earth To Live In Space II [06:19]

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