Martin Rach – Ex XFSc

Catalogue number: [HAZE159] | Artist: Martin Rach | Date: 29/09/2012


  1. Alone [04:36]
  2. Together Alone [04:40]
  3. Alone Company [07:11]
  4. Skin [07:34]
  5. Nails [06:02]
  6. Flesh [11:58]
  7. Deathrows [05:59]
  8. Lifeline [0:12]
  9. Infinite Queue (of those who resist giving up) [10:51]

This work work consists of three three-way partinioned (or three raised to the power of three) movements. Each movement is consisting of several basic operations – isolation (corresponding to number 1), entanglement (to number 2) and dispersion (corresponding to many, mass or infinite). In phenomenological terms, all of three could be viewed as – solitude, love and enthusiasm. All of these operators (and metaphors) work on each other, intersect, and so may reinforce, skew or terminate one another.
Free Improvisation, Experimental, Avant-Garde

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