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STREPITVSITVS – Ondapensiero/Formapensiero

STREPITVSITVS - Ondapensiero/Formapensiero


STREPITVSITVS is the new realization of musical duo ASOLANMAC PROJECT and meant to be a sort of inner self-reflections as well as a very personal study about environmental connections between
people and places: the focus is set on the Montello hill, near the Piave river, pretty close to our hometown. It’s a really peculiar site, where nature, history, legends and mysteries are all mixed up together in a unique way.

This piece of music “Ondapensiero/Formapensiero” fully represent the feelings we share about it and express also the will to define the whole thing like the primal step of an introspective journey through memories and sensations, inspired by that magical location, under the form of an audio description.



  1. Ondapensiero/Formapensiero [20:02]


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