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Slo-Blo – Deep Fading

Slo-Blo - Deep Fading

This album is recorded and computed by Slo-Blo at home between end 2014 / early 2015.
Track 1 and 3 made with guitar only and maybe a big soup of effect.
Track 2 – guitar drone + cymbal that playing alone with mechanical toy.
Track 4 contains some field recording made in Gran Canaria and Belgium + some prepared guitar with motor.
Track 5 – some guitar loop + very long reverberated feedback.

Picture and artwork by Slo-Blo.


  1. DF-1 [03:18]
  2. DF-2 [09:21]
  3. DF-3 [03:00]
  4. DF-4 [15:28]
  5. DF-5 [12:39]

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