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Shocron, Politzer, Crozzoli – Regis

Shocron, Politzer, Crozzoli - Regis

This free improvisation recording is part of the 2014 Creatividad en Movimiento´s initiatives. Shocron, Polizer and Crozzoli create a landscape of sounds and melodies based on the knowledge of their daily activity as artist in Buenos Aires. A time and timeless, space and spaceless game is played while they construct the vibrational framework of their collective experience.

Creatividad en Movimiento is an independent organization from Argentina specialized in creative art, whose main objective is to promote and make the creation process sustainable. In order to fulfill this purpose, one of the annual initiatives is to register in an audio-visual format a selection of artists in the cities where the organization is based.


  1. #1 [04:53]
  2. #2 [08:11]
  3. #3Pau [05:08]
  4. #4 [06:43]
  5. #5Nico [03:04]
  6. #6 [03:31]
  7. #7Migue [03:52]
  8. #8 [06:00]

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