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Protecious – The Gloss On Blood

Protecious - The Gloss On Blood


The art of Protecious defies categorization – It stands on the verge of popular culture and contemporary experience, both acknowledging them and laughing at them. It deciphers evil, controversies, horror stories, science fiction, serial killers, organized religions and cults, twisting the ideas and observations into a regurgitated pile of a rainbow pot of gold. Whether it be music, storytelling or custom figures, Protecious’ art and music is the result of painful reinvention and recreation through trial and error and introspection and collaboration, taking many forms and shapes before being presented to the world. And as a result we get the kind of art worthy of major labels and publishing houses/companies. Take a plunge and discover many pieces of art you wished you have done yourself.
Igor Jovanovic.


  1. The Summoning of Trolls [04:56]
  2. Trust Absolute Unconditional [04:52]
  3. Sluthounds [04:26]
  4. Empty Grave [03:06]
  5. Full Tilt [08:00]


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