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My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors

Over the past year, the netlabel Haze has released a series of compilations that called on Creative Commons musicians to interpret the writings of various exceptional authors from the 20th century from Camus to de Saint-Exupéry. Interestingly, I found that I had read all but one of the writers featured and, though, I take slight issue with Stephen King being added to a pantheon which includes Cortázar and Joyce, it is but a quibble.

The manager of the Haze, Dzmitry Ladzes, under the alias of Aortha, has released a compilation of his tracks, Chronotope, that were included over the last year in the Sound Interpretation series. Most of the tracks are field recordings layered and looped upon each other with some processed sounds that produce a wonderful ambiance of noise and glitch. With Chronotope, Ladzes brings the coherence to his 12 tracks mainly through his careful ordering of the tracks, take a listen to the transition from King to Cortázar to Kafka. Chronotopeis a superb slice of ambient noise.

Acts of Silence

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