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Lord Havoc – The Last Solar Storm

Lord Havoc - The Last Solar Storm

The Last Solar Storm is Lord Havoc’s first real debut full length album. It was composed early in 2004 in Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia. The album has a story and each composition of The Last Solar Storm has it’s substory. It’s fictional. It’s science fictional and futuristic. It was created in Ableton Live.

Lord Havoc is one of a few dark ambient producers in Slovenia. In 2014 he will perform twice live in dark ambient noise duo Lord Sonervol with his companion Sonervol, a noise producer. Both performances will take place in Slovenia. He performed live once before, in 2009, in Kranj, the capitol of Gorenjska region in Slovenia.


  1. Distant Future [00:46]
  2. Slaves to Imperial Powers [04:00]
  3. Movement Upon Solar Winds [08:58]
  4. Arrival Dispersed [09:24]
  5. Rebels and Stardust [02:24]
  6. Epsilon Eridani [03:12]
  7. Procyon [12:00]
  8. Solis Exterminium [01:14]
  9. The Last of Terra [01:16]
  10. Orbital Skeletons [09:14]
  11. Conquerors of Star [07:22]
  12. The Final Era [03:48]

Distant Future
Within the 26th century, Earth colonized the Solar system. Millions lived upon other moons and planets capable of supporting life. Space stations were filled with miners, scientists and security. Pirates brought much conflict into the system of Solis, until at the end of 26th century, invasion of the alien powers brought the end to the conflicts between Humans. Aliens by the name of Orderak conquered Earth within a week. Their vast technological superiority forced humans into submission and cought humans unprepared as the only threats they knew of were those of pirates and nature. Soldiers and naval personnel that resisted were brutally killed or sent to distant mines in the far reaches of the galaxy through the Sukk Pathways, the faster-than-light travel system made by the Orderak Empire.

Slaves to Imperial Powers
Most space stations were spared and upgraded with Orderak technology, where miners and scientists were enslaved by the decree of Empress Orda Daess Kudruna. Vast majority of resources of all planets were taken away as the war machine of Orderak Empire required the construction of new ships constantly. Unification of the galaxy seemed like an important task to the Empress – even if it was to make slaves of all the known but rare species in the Milky Way. Three other civilizations aside from the Humans existed, the Rukkan, the Vxzut, and the Kadduzi. The Kadduzi, also called the shade people, were the only non-conquered race of the galaxy. The Vxzut and the Rukkan were conquered and assimilated. All were became slaves to the Orderak, yet, the humans were not assimilated yet, rebellious…

Movement Upon Solar Winds
A governor was appointed to lead the iron fist of assimilation. Any rebellious act was to be punished with either death or sending the perpetrator to dangerous mines until they died of natural or unnatural causes. Governor Tzelak was a retired general, responsible for brutal assimilation of the Rukkan Federation. They surrendered after a few years, making Governor Tzelak successful and experienced in such tasks. He moved upon Sukk Pathways to Solis system, or as Earthlings called it, upon the Solar winds. First resistance groups were being organized to lead a rebellion. Some scientists began developing secret ships to fight the advanced Orderak fleet, and they would be built in the dark of the outer Solar system, in the secret bases of of Trans-neptunian region, in Kuiper belt, once home to the pirates, now home to the ship builders of the Resistances.

Arrival Dispersed
As governor Tzelak arrived to Solis system, humans soon realized the true brutality of the Empire they now served as slaves. Even more brutal than the conquest of Solis by Admiral Tonura, the governor destroyed many resistance cells, slowing down the construction of the ships that would lead the rebellion. Assassins often failed their missions in assassinating lower Orderak bureaucrats and occasional assassins tried killing even the governor, but always failed. Civilians and miners were often punished if resistance fighters were able to escape or hid well.

Rebels and Stardust
Two years after the arrival of Orderak governor Tzelak to Solis system, the rebel fleet was complete and the pilots trained to fly them. The plan was to strike at the planets beyond Trans-neptunian region, and later conquering the rest of the Solis system, so only one primary front was always open and rebel ground troops could destroy supply lines of Orderak fleets with guerilla warfare. Two sleeper colonial ships were to be sent to Epsilon Eridani and Procyon with enough materials to build at least a self-sufficient space station and also colonize and terraform any nearby planets. And full scale war broke out soon, to provide cover for the colony ships. Battle was harsh and brutal as it has always been, but it went better than the last time. The new ships were as good as Orderak ships in terms of technology.

Epsilon Eridani
Battle raged on and on. Space is so cold, frozen bodies served as statues for those flying into the war. Skeletons of ships a reminder of brutality of both sides. One sought vengeance, the other rage against the unworthy slaves. Civilian humans under Orderak were starved and often punished for every victory the human rebels scored against Orderak. The ship sent to Epsilon Eridani was safe and not detected by Orderak. It will arrive within ten years to its destination.

The ship sent to Procyon was detected, unfortunately, and intercepted by Orderak destroyer Tzane. The Procyon colony ship was utterly destroyed and all of the escape pods that managed to flee from the ship in time. War took its toll. Meanwhile, the Rebels already pushed the Orderak to Mars and were winning the battle of Mars. As destroyer Tzane returned to assist, it was too late for Orderak navy, as it was too small to repel such a large rebel force. A call for reinforcements was issued from Earth using the Orderak communicator building, asking for the Admiral Tonura himself to bring all of the might of the united Orderak fleet.

Solis Exterminium
As the majority of the protectorate Orderak fleet was destroyed, the rebels moved their fleet to the planet Earth, renamed as Terra by Orderak Empire. The battle lasted for two days and then, flagship of governor Tzelak was boarded by the rebels, as the flagship was quite powerful and Rebel ships could not penetrate its shields. Commander Zimov, the famous byelorussian pirate, is leading the assault on the battleship Karradis, commanded by governor Tzelak. Commander Zimov is successful in taking the ship unharmed and the Orderak crew was executed, except for the governor. Governor was to surrender the remaining Orderak troops…

The Last of Terra
As commander Zimov and governor Tzelak stood on the bridge of Karradis, the vast battleship, the united fleet of Orderak arrived, led by admiral Tonura. Vast new ships, developed to even fight the dark Kadduzi, were superior even to the old Orderak ships. Admiral offered the Rebels a solution of peace. If they surrender and give their resources to Orderak Empire as taxes, while they remain autonomous, they will leave the humans alone as long as they do not assist their enemies and not rebel again. If they do not surrender, the human race will perish along with the whole Solis system.

Orbital Skeletons
Commander Zimov slowly looks towards governor Tzelak, then back to admiral Tonura. He replies with a respectful yet strong, “NO!”. Drawing a pistol quickly, he shoots governor Tzelak. A large battle ensues, it stretches from Earth and even past Mars and the asteroid fields, lasting for ten hours. Yet, at the end of the battle, Orderak fleet under admiral Tonura won. Skeletons of ships and frozen bodies were shattered in the orbits of Mars and Earth. War had taken its toll.

Conquerors of Stars
Human survivors, both slaves and rebels, were sent to the surface of Earth. All bases of humans were destroyed with all of their occupants. Once all the remaining humans that were not violent were gathered upon Earth and its prisons, the admiral made his final decision. Bombardment of Earth. Only lava remains and all of the oceans and water is gone from the surface. Earth looks like a newly formed planet after the complete bombardment. Genocide of all species. Slaves of other races will now mine these planets.

The Final Era
Is it the end? The humans of Epsilon Eridani thrive, hidden from the detectors of Orderak Empire. It will thrive, until they are ready to reclaim what is theirs… And have their revenge.

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