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Lord Havoc – Storm Among Stars Story

Lord Havoc - Storm Among Stars Story
Credit: NASA/APOLLO 11


  1. Journey [08:08]
  2. Colonization [05:30]
  3. Progress Driven By Vengeance [07:48]
  4. Shadow Contacts [00:39]
  5. Diplomatic Tendencies [03:49]
  6. Meeting Shade Face to Face [01:59]
  7. Common Enemy [04:24]
  8. Hatred Stronger Than Stars [01:39]
  9. Warlike Alliance Rises [02:29]
  10. Through Krasnikov Wormholes [01:43]
  11. Battle for Orderak [11:04]
  12. No more Orderak [02:48]
  13. Ashes of an Empire [08:08]

It was a long way from home. A new home. A colony, far away from Orderaki overlords. Epsilon Eridani, the home of human kind.
Their birthplace destroyed, they journeyed far and within time, they have entered the system. Two planets, quite cold, a debris disk of remnant planetesimals and two belts of asteroids. “A beautiful place…”, said Jaroslava Zadiska, captain of the Darius, the sleeper ship.
Jaroslava was also a granddaughter of a famous but brutal space pirate, Drago, of the same surname. Most of the crew awakens as they arrive above Epsilon Eridani b, and they begin to land. Creation of the first cities, farms and terraforming systems will take time.

Many years pass and the Eridanians have suffered, but endured. Their populations have grown, their factories built ships and transports.
Even machines for war. Science was flourishing. Jaroslava slowly grew old as she led her people to a brighter future. How did she become a leader?
She was chosen – due to the fact that pirates of old gave birth to the rebellion against the Orderak empire. She knows her resolve must be strong.
Rebuild, colonize, create a powerful Empire. Then fulfill your vengeance, even if you are old.

Progress Driven By Vengeance
And it was not just Jaroslava Zadiska, their leader. Eridanian humans all had a wish for vengeance. Their home was destroyed, their birthplace. It was a great Empire that did it in the name of their own ‘justice’, but they slaughtered the families of Eridanians, their friends, their freedom, their independence. They work for survival… and vengeance. United in these two tasks, they grow fast and well.
The Republic of Eridania becomes one – a united but hidden power within the galaxy.

Shadow Contacts
When economy was fully utilized and the food supply was no longer in danger, the leadership of Eridania began to plan.
The plan to strike back, to seek out vengeance and destroy the Orderak Empire once and for all. Archives told of an enemy of the Orderak.
The Shadows, Shades. The one enemy Orderak were never able to defeat and they hated each other. A thought – perhaps they will assist.
Since defensive and powerful fleet was built, they have decided to try and send a message to the parts of the Milky Way where Shades lived.
It was not long before Shades appeared right above Epsilon Eridani. It was a tense moment. However, communication was established.

Diplomatic Tendencies
The ship of the so called Shades was large. Very large. Long approximately 4200 meters (while Eridanian ships were 1000 meters long).
Fear was present in both. Who knows, this could all be Orderak trap. Tensions still existed, but eventually, the Shade diplomats agreed to land on the surface.

Meeting Shade Face to Face
It was strange as the Shades seemed new and unusual to Eridanian humans. During the talks it was found out that they are not called Shades or shadows, but Karodians, but were named Shades due to their advanced cloaking technology. The Karodians had five legs, which they could also use arms and hands, each with four fingers. Their single eye black, and they always had to keep masks on their faces, due to their life being based on selenium. They wielded strange black colored rifles, which, according to Karodians, used a large and high powered beams of alpha particles against organic and other life forms. They used other types of weaponry too.

Common Enemy
The diplomatic talks began shortly after the cultural exchange. Once the language barrier was finally fully passed, they agreed – Orderak are a threat.
The Karodians were fighting them for the last six hundred years. Many died in defense of Karodia, but once cloaking devices were created, it became easy. Although the war became a stalemate, the Orderak enslaved and conquered other galactic races to plunder their resources.
Orderak were a powerful empire, which is filled with corruption, and “filth”, as diplomat Xozoruk stated. They agreed, again, that with combined military operation, they should be able to reach Orderak, the capital of the Orderak Empire, and defeat them once and for all.

Hatred Stronger Than Stars
Beautiful to see two kinds work together against a common foe, a foe that killed so many of them. Their thirst for vengeance has been great.
War was their only option as they both thought diplomacy was certainly out of the question until the Orderak were brought to their knees.
Death before surrender or defeat.

Warlike Alliance Rises
“Within two of your years…”, diplomat Xozoruk demands, “… we will begin the offensive. We will send you coordinates to Orderak and other planets closer to you. Together we will attack them.”. Jaroslava, as the elected leader of humans, agreed. A treaty was signed.

Through Krasnikov Wormholes
Eridanian human scientists worked for whole two years on new technologies that would allow them to attack the Orderak efficiently. They thought they would not succeed in time, but, basing his work off a scientist named Krasnikov, Jamal Darin, one of the brilliant Eridanian scientists, finished a faster than light drive that would deliver them to their destination very fast, even faster than Karodians. New ships, larger and better were built, now even up to 2200 meters long. It was a glorious two years for Eridanians.
And when the time was ripe, the offensive began. The offensive lasted for several months, and many had fallen, until they finally reached Orderak Prime, the capital planet of the Orderak…

Battle for Orderak
The old enemy of the Humans is here, in orbit of Orderak Prime, admiral Tonura, with a very large fleet of surviving Orderak spaceships.
The combined two Eridanian and Karodian fleets were hardly a match for it. As soon as the two fleets came out of their respective faster-than-light drives, space mines activated and destroyed many ships. Admiral Tonura quickly ordered a counter attack and a vast battle began.
The Orderak also had new technology, admiral Tonura commanded his fleet from their new behemoth, battlecruiser Daxzri, the largest ship in the known universe, approximately 14 kilometers long. However, both humans and Karodians had something up their sleeves.
Although an hour and a half late, Jaroslava and another human fleet came rushing into battle with 15 newly created ships, the newest of technology.
The battle itself seemed to be a draw, no one being able to take advantage.
The chaos of battle brought most of the ships some distance away from Orderak Prime and with main part of the battle now being fought near its moon, a new fleet came in. This one, however, was strange. It only had two small support ships and one larger battleship of Karodian design.
It was different from other Karodian battleships. All three ships were headed straight for Orderak Prime, the two support ships defending the battleship, shielding it from unwanted enemy fire. Once in position, it has fired many strange but slow moving missiles at the planet. Then, a large cannon, looking like one of their rifles, began to charge and fired at the planet.
Large nuclear explosions began to appear on the planet. The cannon’s beam seemed to have heated up the atmosphere additionally, seemingly making a global firestorm on Orderak Prime. An eye for an eye.
The Orderak fleet was eventually defeated, with admiral Tonura and a few other ships retreating into unknown space.

No more Orderak
The planet of Orderak Prime was still there – but like Earth, no living being was left on it. “An eye for an eye.”.
War has brought an end to an Empire. Only ashes remain of its home. Dark vengeance fulfilled, of both kinds. Jaroslava, however, received a message, from the diplomat of Karodian fleet. “Now, we are alone. Perhaps you shall be next. Our alliance is over, and our unending war finally finished.”
“We will retake the territories of our once mighty Empire, and you…”, diplomat Xozoruk notified Jaroslava, “… and your little planet are in the way.”
The Karodian fleet turns against the Eridanian fleet now, and begins to attack. Eridanian fleet falls back to Epsilon Eridani, and begins preparing for a mighty invasion…

Ashes of an Empire
A fallen Empire that fought for its power and an existing Empire that has fallen. Chaos ensues the galaxy, as now free planets become independent.
New opportunities are now here, for new alliances…
Many are conquered by Karodians, some ally with admiral Tonura, some with Humans…
But will there be the end to this war?
Perhaps in the next chapter.

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