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Kritchev vs. Ban meets Roomdark – Schelkino

Kritchev vs. Ban meets Roomdark - Schelkino

Schelkino is a town in the Ukraine’s Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Geographically, Schelkino is located near the headland of Kazantyp, on a peninsula jutting northward out into the Sea of Azov from the Crimean mainland. Population is 11,677 (2001).

Schelkino is named after Kirill Shchelkin, a Soviet physicist. Originally the town was constructed in 1978 to house workers of the Crimean Atomic Energy Station (nuclear power plant). The station was inspected following the Chernobyl disaster of 1986, and was found to be located on a geologically volatile site. Construction of the facility was summarily abandoned.
Schelkino is known for being an increasingly popular tourist destination and dacha site. Schelkino’s beach has boat and surfboard rental facilities. Nearby Kazantyp is home to several attractions including a local fairground and paintball competitions. The town itself has a central market, many cafes and stores, and entertainment facilities including a movie theater and an internet cafe. The town’s main attraction is considered to be its beach, a kilometer-long sandbar sandwiched between cliffs jutting out over the Sea of Azov to the south and Kazantyp to the northwest. Between 1993 and 1999 Kazantyp was the site of the KaZantip music festival, which later moved to little village nearby Yevpatoria.

There is no public transport in Schelkino (the whole town can get around 15 minutes on foot).


  1. Kritchev vs. Ban – Way To Schelkino [01:57]
  2. Kritchev vs. Ban – Relax [00:50]
  3. Kritchev vs. Ban – Double Relaxation [01:35]
  4. Roomdark – By The Sea [03:03]
  5. Kritchev vs. Ban – Ecstasy [01:27]
  6. Roomdark – Rhythm Of The City [04:37]
  7. Kritchev vs. Ban – Evening Sunset [05:05]
  8. Roomdark – Azov Lounge [01:43]
  9. Kritchev vs. Ban – Crimean Hangover [02:55]
  10. Roomdark – Imklivaść [01:23]
  11. Kritchev vs. Ban – Morning Dawn [05:27]
  12. Roomdark – Farewell Dinner [01:42]
  13. Kritchev vs. Ban – Way To Home [02:18]

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