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Knyaz Mishkin – Pelmeni

Knyaz Mishkin - Pelmeni

Intuitive improvisation group Knyaz Mishkin has existed since 1991, headed by Leonid Narushevich.
In the team in different times took part dozens of people, including Yury Paulouski and Ivan Kirchuk (Ethno-trio Troitsa), one of the best bassists in Belarus Valery Bashkou, percussionist Alexander Sofiks, keyboardist Yuri Vasilyev, Eugene Poleychuk (Professor Morriarti) and many others. The band depending on the situation may take the form of the duo to sextet.

Andrew Brusinenko – bass
Marina Narushevich – voice
Yuri Pavlovsky – drums, percussion, sound
Leonid Narushevich – electric guitar
Misha – voice
Constantine Shestovsky – manager.

Recorded in the Zala studio 05/12/1993


  1. Pelmeni [39:06]

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