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Sound Interpretations — Dedication To Ernest Hemingway

The house was built on the highest part of the narrow tongue of land between the harbor and the open sea. It had lasted through three hurricanes and it was built solid as a ship. It was shaded by tall coconut palms that were bent by the trade wind and on the ocean side you could walk out of the door and down the bluff across the white sand and into the Gulf Stream. The water of the Stream was usually a dark blue when you looked out at it when there was no wind. But when you walked out into it there was just the green light of the water over that floury white sand and you could see the shadow of any big fish a long time before he could ever come in close to the beach.
It was a safe and fine place to bathe in the day but it was no place to swim at night. At night the sharks came in close to the beach, hunting at the edge of the Stream, and from the upper porch of the house on quiet nights you could hear the splashing of the fish they hunted and if you went down to the beach you could see the phosphorescent wakes they made in the water. At night the sharks had no fear and everything else feared them. But in the day they stayed out away from the clear white sand and if they did come in you could see their shadows a long way away.
Islands in the Stream, Ernest Hemingway.

About Sound Interpretation project
The HAZE Netlabel presents the project Sound Interpretations. In this project we propose to rethink literary heritage of the 20th century. Over the 2012-2013 years, each month we will release the compilation dedicated to the 12 most outstanding writers of the 20th century.
You can listen to and download our compilations here: Sound Interpretations.


  1. Aortha – Vincenzo Bernardelli [04:54]
  2. We’re All To Blame – Light [04:51]
  3. Dpbit and Xxena – Сat In The Rain [05:56]
  4. Roomdark – VB for Mr H [05:24]
  5. Sven Meyer – Ernest [03:00]
  6. Knyaz Mishkin – Tut Zero [02:45]
  7. Lord Havoc – Opacum Foramen [03:44]
  8. Tju Tejo – Bojim Se, Da Se Bom Razpočil [02:10]
  9. Generation Skweee – Men Without Women [05:05]
  10. Hari Hardman – The World Breaks Us All [03:43]
  11. Koxdeer – Corrida [04:12]

Cover by Victor Jouk.

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