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Blore – Blore

Music has to do with sounds, so we need to find them somewhere and it is preferred to find musical ones. You have two sources for sounds: noises, which always tell you something — a door cracking, a dog barking, the thunder, the storm; and then you have instruments. An instrument tells you, ‘la-la-la-la.’ Music has to find a passage between noises and instruments. It has to escape. It has to find a compromise and an evasion at the same time; something that would not be dramatic because that has no interest to us, but something that would be more interesting than sounds like Do-Re-Mi-Fa…
Pierre Schaeffer.


  1. Blore I [01:21]
  2. Blore II [05:28]
  3. Blore III [04:03]
  4. Blore IV [09:10]
  5. Blore V [04:11]
  6. Blore VI [02:42]
  7. Blore VII [04:29]
  8. Blore VIII [04:16]
  9. Blore IX [02:40]
  10. Blore X [05:37]
  11. Blore XI [03:52]
  12. Blore XII [01:23]
  13. Blore XIII [04:16]
  14. Blore XIV [02:00]
  15. Blore XV [04:10]

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