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Buben, N.Labada, Aortha – The Wall Of Rain


  1. The Wall Of Rain

The Wall of Rain
The recording was performed in early October 2009 – 20 years after the disappearance of Berlin Wall from the map of Europe. This composition describes the emotional state of sound engineers visiting the German capital for NETAUDIOBERLIN festival and presenting Belarusian internet-label HAZE dedicated to contemporary art promotion.
The recording was made on the bridge Oberbaumbrücke1 which used to connect the Eastern and Western parts of Berlin being a symbol of the divided nation. The participants placed themselves at three points of the bridge – a Western one, an Eastern one and right in the middle. At such a position they simultaneously recorded the surrounding sound landscape.
The weather conditions influenced the perception of the sound landscape: a strong wind combined with pouring rain created the background and at times blocked the sounds around. Yet, when the fifteen minute recording was finished, the sky cleared up – Germany reunited.
The recording was performed by Uladzislau Buben, Dzmitry Ladzes and Nasta Labada using recorders of different technical characteristics and afterwards combined in one track.

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