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Golgotha Communications Limited – Recydywysta

Golgotha Communications Limited - Recydywysta


Recydywysta was conceived as a response to the heat waves, internet buffoonery, night terrors, and organized crime which plagued the northeastern United States in 2015. A missile masquerading as a missive.

Recordings developed and produced at the Golgotha studio in Weccacoe, Philadelphia, USA, between June and December of 2015. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is completely intentional.


  1. The Hay-Way Pts. 1-4 [11:01]
  2. This Here [01:17]
  3. Ware and Taire [04:47]
  4. Sayve the Dayte [01:28]
  5. That There [01:45]
  6. The Hay-Way Pts 5&6 [07:38]
  7. Royal Brown [01:28]
  8. The Hay-Way PTS 7-9 [06:05]
  9. Rue the Hay [02:53]
  10. The Other Thing [03:56]


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