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Fake Cats Project – Music Laundering Mashine

Fake Cats Project - Music Laundering Mashine


“The new album is maybe about some roots of music. No — we are not going to descend to the roots. We just want to feel them somehow though the modern day sonic meltdown. Looks like there is still a fight down there. Chaos fights sync and melody. Pollution and creative infection fight clarity and hate musical fascism of unisons in E. Arrogant chord progressions of Rachmanonoff are undermined by microtonal synth partisans. No true winners. No justice. Just the World as is. Sorry — just the World of Fake Cats Music Laundering Machines.”

Fake Cats Project was founded by Kirill Makushin, Igor Levshin and Alexei Borisov in January 2015.

Kirill Makushin – lyrics, vocals, bayan, synthesizer, mouthorgan,
Alexei Borisov – ashbory bass, synths
Igor Levshin – guitar, fake guitar, keyboards, rake and other dacha utensils
ft. Pasha Shevelev – didgeridoo, clarinet
Kyrill Shirokov – fragments of string duos (‘2016.IX.22 duo’ and ‘2016.X.04 duo’)
Slava Burunduk Burov – piano fragments of ‘Fevrier’

Mixed by Igor Levshin
Design by Natalia Levshina


  1. Fake Cats Project Robs Rachmaninoff [05:48]
  2. Ghosts of Guitar [04:22]
  3. Music Laundering Mashine [15:33]


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