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dadala – Hedgerows2

dadala - Hedgerows2

“Hedgerows 2” is the sequel to the original “Hedgerows” album released in 2012. Like that first set, all the mixes are built around tracks from dadala core member and audio maestro Loopy C’s set “Dadala in your Hedgerow” (http://loopyc.com).
This time around all the mixes also feature new dadala member Roger Sundström of Sweden (aka Erocnet) on guitars, drum kit, vocals, ambient ‘scapes and more. Guest contributor Frank Wilke of Germany (aka brass-lines) is featured on three tracks (trumpet and trombone). New dadala member André Darius (France) added bass to one track. The “Hedgerows” sets embody a somewhat more specific vibe than most of dadala’s eclectic and eccentric collections, but they still incorporate a wide range of styles and sounds in the process, producing something that might be called avant-garde minimal ambient and acousmatic jazz and free-fusion. Or just hedgerows.

dadala is a uniquely configured international online ensemble blurring boundaries between improvisation and collage, serendipity and manipulation, intentional and arbitrary, familiar and strange.
dadala emerged in 2004 but the project has roots going back as early as 1985 when Richard Dunlap (aka RDunlap) began recording experimental electro-acoustic improvisations, performing live overdubs on-the-fly while bouncing from one cassette deck to another. From 2004-2009 the project incorporated existing material from those early sessions (1985-1996) along with recordings from numerous online friends and acquaintances from around the world. In 2009 dadala began featuring the digital and electro-acoustic wizardry of Chris R. Gibson (aka Loopy C), a long time denizen of the music world from various angles both performing and behind the scenes (member of Jesus Wore Dickies among other things). The project also settled into a core group of members contributing new material and overdubs, blending instrumental improvisation with a vast landscape of sounds, ideas and techniques. For more info: http://dadalamusic.com/bio

As with the earliar set “Hedgerows” (from 2011-2015) these tracks were all built around selections from Loop C’s set of recordings Dadala in Your Hedgerow.
Edited, arranged/mixed/remixed and produced by RDunlap.


  1. Red Toe Hedgerow [05:24] with “Red Toe” by Erocnet, and excerpts from “Perfect Idyll” by brass-lines
  2. Opus F13 Hedgerow [06:12] with “Opus F-13” by Erocnet
  3. New Hedgerow [08:32] with “Guitar150227” and “Drums150227” by Erocnet, and overdubs (edited/remixed/rearranged) from brass-lines (trumpet) and Darius (electric upright bass)
  4. March Of The Hedgerows [04:35] with “March On” by Erocnet, and a track from Loopy C set “12272011 Trios”
  5. Rizzo Hedgerow [13:00] with “Rizzo” by Erocnet and three tracks from Loopy C set “12272011 Trios”
  6. Oral Machinist Hedgerow [08:43] with “Cavum Oris Impro” and “Our Unemployed Machinist” by Erocnet, and “Shrink Jazz Part II – Questions” by brass-lines.

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