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dadala – Expanding Talk

dadala - Expanding Talk

dadala’s 33rd release, the album ‘Expanding Talk‘ is an eclectic and eccentric tapestry weaving together experimental electro-acoustic improvisation, glitch, avant-garde, ambient, soundscapes, free jazz and poetry. In addition to RDunlap and Loopy C (both from the US) the core group continues to include Erocnet (Roger Sundström, Sweden – guitars, bouzouki, other instruments and objects, samples and soundscapes) and André Darius (France – basses and vocals). The album also features material by brass-lines (Frank Wilke, Germany – trumpet and trombone).

dadala is a uniquely configured international online ensemble blurring boundaries between improvisation and collage, serendipity and manipulation, intentional and arbitrary, familiar and strange. Featuring the digital and electro-acoustic wizardry of Chris R. Gibson (aka Loopy C), along with a core group of members contributing new material and overdubs, blending instrumental improvisation with a vast landscape of sounds, ideas and techniques edited, arranged/mixed/remixed and produced by RDunlap. For more info: http://dadalamusic.com/bio


  1. Expanding Talk [03:58]
  2. The Dying Days [03:24]
  3. Bitcross [04:04]
  4. Sandflakes [03:57]
  5. Magnet Birds [07:59]
  6. Tantalizing The Sandman [04:01]
  7. From Red To Green All Yellow Dies [04:13]
  8. Fretless Freak Jazz [04:56]
  9. Poem Box [06:10]
  10. Shapetoy [04:19]
  11. Radio Memory [10:43]

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