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Bug Powder – One Beat A Day

Bug Powder - One Beat A Day

7 beats made in 7 days, only with samples.

“After learned guitar as a child, I started electronic music at 18 with hard dnb and breakcore music. I stopped few years to travel in North America, and since last year I’m back in France with my new project. I do my live set with a SP555, Korg Kaoss Pad KP3 and a microphone that I play some instruments in live (kalimba, guiro, random stuffs)”


  1. XY [01:05]
  2. Under The Bridge [02:07]
  3. Nostalgia [01:03]
  4. 200 Pounds [02:00]
  5. Deepest Ocean [01:27]
  6. Nowhere to Run [02:30]
  7. Escort [01:33]

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