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From Lake Elsinore, California and Namur, Belgium, Monological Terrorist and MBUF share their love for crispy and deep textures, dark ambiances and uncanny melodies. Here’s the result.


Monological Terrorist, MBUF
Converging Evils

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The first full-length by SaneLIV for Haze is Adventure Boys, a superhero opera of maximalist idm/electronica. SaneLIV makes art and music in a basement in the suburbs of a Midwestern city in the USA and has contributed to several of the Haze Sound Interpretations compilations.


Adventure Boys

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Petej Amon is a noise producer from Slovenia. He works also in some other projects regarding art.


Petej Amon
Noise Psychotic Episodes

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‘Dieta Z Dobre Rodiny’ is a document of recordings made in 2009, which was originally issued on recycled cassettes in May of 2010. Now out of print, we felt that it was time to make this release permanently available, in digital form.


Golgotha Communications Limited
Dieta Z Dobre Rodiny

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Let’s go for a walk through Shanghai!


Sound Interpretation: Shanghai

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Presenting your attention the rare recording of the cult Belarusian intuitive improvisation band Knyaz Mishkin. The recording was made in 1991.


Knyaz Mishkin

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This music was undertaken is foremost jazz and psychedelic rock.
These two directions treated through the prism of modern psychedelic electronic music –
illbient, psychedelic dub and certainly through abstract forms that well combine with some types of jazz


Wёska Project
Niemen vs Niemen

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Live sound performance from Minsk.


Provolochnyj Chelovek & Deproverst
Graffiti Live

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First split to be released between mhzesent and MBUF. These two nordic artists are not that cold and take you to a jourey between sounds collages, chaotic drone-like and some oriental dark ambient.


mhzesent, MBUF
Salò Brain Damaged

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This album describes the harmony of the whole environment, where there are no differences of nature and machines, where there is no controversy around the existing one.


Alex Mason

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That album inspired by experimental and improvised music is a bunch of solo/duo/trio performances in wich all combinations have been explored. The tracks are short, concise with no blah blah blah, music says what it has to say with no hesitation!


Andre Darius; Paul Mimlitsch; Martin Pozdrowicz

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Golgotha Communications Limited are a Philadelphia-based experimental music group, founded in 1996. “Wine, Women and Song Vol. 2″ is the second installment of the “Wine, Women and Song” trilogy.


Golgotha Communications
Wine, Women and Song Pt2

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7 beats made in 7 days, only with samples.


Bug Powder
One Beat A Day

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Let’s go for a walk through Vilnius!
This release is the third from Sound Interpretation series dedicated to cities.
We believe that each city has its own unique air. But anyone who works with the sound knows that every city has a inimitable soundscape and rhythm. So let’s make a musical journey through the cities. Cities you’ve been or would like to visit.


Sound Interpretation: Vilnius

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Leonid Naruszewicz – guitar
Ivan Kirchuk – voice, ethnic instruments
Uriy Pavlovsky – percussion


Knyaz Mishkin

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Cagey House – Queen of Spins


Cagey House
Queen of Spins