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We believe that each city has its own unique air. But anyone who works with the sound knows that every city has a inimitable soundscape and rhythm. So let’s make a musical journey through Helsinki.


Sound Interpretation: Helsinki

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Knyaz Mishkin is a legendary and the eldest Belarusian band played improvised music. The band already exists for 22 years. Its founder, ideological leader and scriptwriter is Leanid Narushevich. The band members’ staff is constantly changing. The band biography embraces many releases and festivals.


Knyaz Mishkin
Not Cold

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This free improvisation recording is part of the 2014 Creatividad en Movimiento´s initiatives. Shocron, Polizer and Crozzoli create a landscape of sounds and melodies based on the knowledge of their daily activity as artist in Buenos Aires.


Shocron, Politzer, Crozzoli

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Live improvisations for Charlie Chaplin’s silent film “The Immigrant” (1917). Recorded 27-05-2015 in the courtyard of Brest Region Philharmonic, except track #2 – recorded 20-05-2015 in the courtyard of Grodno State Museum of the History of Religion, Belarus.


Viktar Siamashka
The Immigrant

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Ravcan & RMSS Systems Inc. – Reactive Magnetron Sputtering


Ravcan & RMSS Systems Inc.
Reactive Magnetron Sputtering

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dadala’s 33rd release, the album ‘Expanding Talk’ is an eclectic and eccentric tapestry weaving together experimental electro-acoustic improvisation, glitch, avant-garde, ambient, soundscapes, free jazz and poetry.


Expanding Talk

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Jess Lemont (Be a Waterwolf): all real instruments including drums, voice, guitar, bass, mallet percussion, keyboards, xaphoon, etc. Large-scale intricate lace improvisations.
Dave Keifer (Cagey House): virtual instruments, software, etc. Shifty editing, occasional brief embellishments.


Splicey and Tracky
Horses, Horses ... Horses!

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FARS was a Golgotha Communications Ltd. sister project, the Afanasievo to GCL’s Yamnaya, which existed from 1997 until 2007, when the name was retired for good. Nevertheless, some very important audio products of ours were released under this moniker, key among which was ‘Körper Wahr’.


Körper Wahr

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Live recording in Rakov folklore center. 2015
L.Narushevich – guitar
A. Sherro – flute, percussions
T. Kashkurevich – percussions, cymbal


Knyaz Mishkin

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“Passion for Lafontaine” conceived as a kind of soundtrack to his famous fable, as if Lafontaine was not a poet but a composer. This work is an attempt to adapt the elements of classical music to the modern perception of more sophisticated listener.


Wёska Project
Passion For Lafontaine

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Live during the festival 16+ (16.08.2015, Kiev, Ukraine).
Leonid Narushevich – guitar;
Andrei Sherro – laptop;
Dzmitry Ladzes – laptop.


Knyaz Mishkin

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Every city has a inimitable soundscape and rhythm. So let’s make a musical journey through the cities. Cities you’ve been or would like to visit. Let’s go for a walk through Paris.


Sound Interpretation: Paris

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In 2015, Rachel came back for a short time in Aix en Provence. In July, Rachel, Henry, and Arnold play together, an afternoon in Aups and record this album – RHA.


Rachel Chen, Henry Koek, Arnold Cabott

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This release is a life recording during Yuriy Zmorovych’s performance on experimental music festival 16+ (Kiev, 2015).


Lij Wuyte

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Collaboration with Chinese experimental musician Dickson Dee. It is based on his sounds, a part of ‘Blind Man Tales’ by Gintas Kraptavicius & found sound by Emmanuel Mieville. The starting point was my poem ‘Do You Dream About Me?’. The poem is read by Cheri Gao. It’s a dreamy & sometimes noisy piece of 18 minutes in total.


Peter Wullen
Do You Dream About Me

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Recordings made between spring 2006 and spring 2008 at the Golgotha studio in Weccacoe and at the Goat Hole studio(s) in Haddon Hights, New Jersey. All titles priduced by Josip Karpinovic, aided and abetted by Graeco-Norwegian.


Golgotha Communications Ltd.
The Evgenyia Accord