[N.K72] – People & Angels

Catalogue number: [HAZE069] | Artist: [N.K72] | Date: 25/08/2009


  1. People & Angels
  2. The memory minute

What can i say about this music? I doubt that thing that you’ll hear is possible to call a music in common meaning. This work is dedication to all people that died in world wars. Just wars or not, i won’t judge. Just war doesn’t exsist. This is always sorrow, grief, tears of mothers had never seen their sons again. Brides never weares their bridal veils, beloved stayed laying on fields of struggles. Wifes still feels husbands’ hugs in their dreams. We have to remember all of them who was with us – our children, husbands, beloved people. They are alive and with us when we think of them. Three of my childhood friends hadn’t come back from war in Afghanistan, fourth came crippled. I may say, this music (or something bigger than only music) inspired by communication and conversations about war with that man who was through the hell on earth.
My requiem for fallen. Minute of silence impressed on the sound.
Eternal memory for fallen soldiers!
God save you and your families from the horrors of war.

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